Working with Windy City Lighting and the ComEd incentive programs has been a big win for Oscar Isberian Rugs. Lighting is very important for how we show our fine rugs and because of the program we have improved the lighting in our showrooms, with LED lighting, and lowered our electricity bill substantially. We have also eliminated having to replace burned out halogen lights on a daily basis. Thank you to Windy City Lighting for working with us and a thank you to ComEd for the incentive program. .

Vahan Janjigian – Oscar Isberian Rugs

We have over 200 lights in our 8,000 square foot showroom. You changed out all of these and the 100 in our warehouse. What a positive difference! The quality of light is unprecedented. In the first few months not a single bulb has flickered. The cost was perfectly acceptable. The service was unparalleled. I can’t wait for the hot days of summer to show no heat gain as in the past. The savings in our electrical bill is just starting to manifest itself.

Jeff Glasener, President – Materials Marketing