Energy Savings Programs for Chicagoland



We are one of the select few authorized trade allies throughout the entire ComEd territory. As a trade ally for the ComEd Smart Ideas® Energy Efficiency Programs, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.

Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) Program

As a qualified trade ally for the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) Program, we have maintained our status as a top performer. The SBES Program services retail stores, restaurants, offices, salons, churches, light manufacturing facilities and other small businesses. SBES is available to small businesses with an electric demand of 0 – 100 kW. The SBES Program offers incentives for interior and exterior lighting, refrigeration and HVAC. If your business does not qualify for the SBES Program, it may qualify for the incentives through other ComEd Smart Ideas® Energy Efficiency Programs.

Instant Discounts Program

The Instant Discounts Program offers incentives for screw and pin based lamps, LED exit sign retrofit kits and TLED lamps. The purpose of the Instant Disounts program is to retrofit incandescent lamps to new LED lamps.

*Funding is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

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