Discover the Advantages of LED Outdoor Lighting

LED technology is now the best solution to replace high-intensity discharge light sources for outdoor lighting. LED luminaires will provide high quality lighting while saving energy.

Lighting of outdoor areas including parking lots, streets and roadways is currently dominated by metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) sources. However, recent advances in LED technology have resulted in a better option for outdoor lighting. LED outdoor luminaires can provide the necessary surface illuminance using less energy and with improved uniformity compared to HID sources. Also, LED luminaires have a significantly longer life with much better lumen maintenance. Other LED advantages include no hazardous materials and instant start capability. LED technology has made rapid improvements in terms of color quality, optical design, luminous efficacy, thermal management and cost.

Current LED product quality can vary significantly among manufacturers, so due diligence is required in their proper selection and use. Windy City Lighting is experienced in selecting the proper lighting for your outdoor application. We have successfully completed numerous projects for auto dealerships, petroleum and convenience stores, parking lots and pedestrian areas. Our designers incorporate information into CAD and photometric software to illustrate lighting performance in both a model view and 3D rendered views. This is invaluable in helping you reduce initial costs while improving lighting performance.

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