Free Energy Audits: First Step in Creating an Energy Efficient Business

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Creating an energy efficient business will define a more positive working environment and help save on annual operating costs. Windy City Lighting is here to help your business with this process. The first step is to have Windy City Lighting perform an energy audit of your current lighting equipment. Our highly qualified lighting consultants work closely with your business to understand your lighting needs and operations to personalize an energy solution. Our audits are competitive and comprehensive; we network with utility companies and business partners to offer your business the best program incentives and latest LED technology.

Energy Audit Process

When our lighting consultants audit your business, they perform an assessment of your current lighting equipment and determine how to maximize the benefits of LED technology. For instance, during the audit they will survey all fixtures and identify the current inefficient wattage to the recommended efficient wattage. Based on your annual hours of operation, the estimated kilowatt hour savings can be calculated and compared against your electric bill to identify annual savings.

Lighting Retrofit

In addition to saving on your energy costs, retrofitting obsolete lighting equipment with LED technology will reduce overhead costs. For example, an LED lamp lasts ten times longer than a fluorescent lamp; an LED lamp lasts 20-30 times longer than a halogen or incandescent lamp. It is not just energy costs that continue to increase, it is also the continuing costs of replacing inefficient bulbs.

Energy Cost Savings

Investing in an energy solution will save you money for years to come. We have worked with thousands of businesses to help them reduce costs and become more energy efficient. Our valued customers trust our knowledge and know that we always have their interests uppermost in our minds. Most businesses are surprised to learn how much more efficient LED lighting is to fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Energy Audit Deliverables

After the audit is complete, your business will be presented with an estimate itemizing your energy solution with warranty information. After approval, we can retrofit your lighting equipment quickly and efficiently. For more information on Windy City Lighting and our energy audits, please call us or click below for a free energy assessment.

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